Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services in Singapore

Health and happiness reside only in clean and hygienic living surroundings. The exceptional environment, communal spaces and common zones of condo residences and housing estates require a distinctive approach to professional residential cleaning and maintenance. At SQ 1 Development, we are dedicated to provide such services for corporate clients to ensure the upkeep of the residential property they own or manage. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products and adopt the best industry practices for long-lasting results.

Scope of work

Carpark Maintenance

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Whether it is a conventional car park lot or an automated parking facility, SQ 1 Development spares no effort in ensuring its cleanliness and remains smoothly operational. Our scope covers a wide array of activities, including litter cleaning, repairing broken speedbumps, P&D machine maintenance, restoring the paintwork on the concrete/metal flooring, and removing moss and mould, among many other tasks.

Pest Control

Pests are a huge nuisance – get them off your property and eliminate health hazards! SQ 1 Development offers reliable pest control services in Singapore by using safe techniques. Our proven chemical and biological methods deliver the best results, without causing irritation or allergy. We are experts in the prevention, extermination and eradication of insects, rodents, flies, bed bugs, and more.


Landscaping plays a part in what visitors will prominently notice once they enter your residential estate. Here at SQ 1 Development, we provide complete landscaping solutions that enable you to create a lasting impression. Our expertise in indoor and outdoor landscaping will transform the plain areas of your residential estate into lively green spaces.

Scope of work:
  1. Landscape Design
  2. Garden Development & Maintenance
  3. Ancillary Works (Railing, Fencing, Pathways, Compound Walls, etc.)
  4. Indoor Decorative Plant Supply
External Facade

The facade of your housing estate is the first surface that is visible to visitors and residents. Hence, it is imperative to ensure your façade remains spotless and clean. With a clear focus on safety, our specialist team uses the right cleaning materials to clean the glass that makes up your residential property’s façade. This task also includes cleaning the aluminium cladding.

Clearing of Rubbish Chutes

Residential Cleaning

The collection of garbage in Singapore residential buildings is done efficiently through rubbish chutes. But it is easy for bacteria and germs to accumulate and impose health hazards, such as bad odours and pests, if the system is not thoroughly cleaned. This will put your property at risk of facing poor hygiene levels and making the environment look untidy. We have the best solutions for cleaning and sanitizing of garbage chutes to ensure optimal convenience in the rubbish collection without posing any risk to residents in the building as well as the surroundings. Our effective cleaning and sanitizing equipment and supplies will improve the condition of the chute while preventing problems like choked chutes for easy movement and waste collection.

Corridor Cleaning & Mopping

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The corridors, stairways and walkways of your residential estate are one of the most frequent areas on the premises. Hence, they can become extremely dirty and untidy fast if you fail to clean them on a regular basis. We ensure seamless execution of cleaning activities for these common areas to maintain them in the best possible condition. Our professional cleaners will sweep up and collect litter, remove debris and clean up spillages for a pristine place. Detailed attention will also be paid towards disinfecting and mopping away unsightly dirt, smudges and footprints so your residents and visitors can navigate cleaner corridors.

Maintenance of Facilities

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The residential estate’s amenities, such as function rooms and gym facilities, attract higher footfall and frequent usage. This means there is a higher need for regular cleaning and disinfecting as users expect a clean and hygienic space. High-touch surface areas found in common area facilities can make it easy for germs and bacteria to thrive, putting users at the risk of infections and illnesses. By having a professional take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your facilities, you can also preserve the equipment’s condition over time. Our specialised cleaning services cover a broad range of aspects to give the facilities an improved look such as dusting and wiping of surfaces, sweeping and mopping floors, washing and disinfecting toilets, and cleaning of furniture and equipment. When high standards of hygiene and sanitation are observed in your residential estate, this will keep common areas running well for tenants and residents, while giving a good impression of the facility.