Office Support

Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Tedious and non-core business tasks take up your valuable resources; they lead to cost escalation and result in lesser efficiency. Take back the opportunity to focus on driving revenue in today’s competitive business climate, while we handle the mundane, backend office tasks across the organization. Enhance business agility and improve profitability with our suite of office support services from SQ 1 Development in Singapore.

Scope of work

Reception Services

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We provide enthusiastic, courteous professionals best suited for front office work. With telephone receptionists and front desk concierges, we understand the need to make a great first impression for your company every time. They can provide efficient and professional assistance by delivering the best in customer service to callers and represent your organization reliably. They will screen calls for you and live transfer any business call that is of importance, and welcome your guests in your reception area with courteous professionalism.

Office Services & Logistics

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Mailroom management can be a cost-intensive task, and you may not have adequate staff members to cope especially during peak workload periods. We help with mail handling and sorting, copying and printing, shredding, data entry and scanning, office moves and internal relocation, and handyman. With an all-round solution, you can reduce business costs and improve service operations that are geared toward the individual requirements of your company.

Pantry Lady Services

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With the right pantry lady services, you can maintain optimum hospitality levels and achieve the ideal presentation of a professional office environment. Our pantry tea ladies are trained and knowledgeable in serving of beverages and snacks for customers, VIPs and senior management staffs, and office guests. They will also manage beverage and light refreshments inventory while upkeeping pantry cleanliness including washing of cups and utensils.

Carpet Maintenance

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A clean office environment is crucial to ensure you can focus on your work productively. We provide carpet cleaning services in Singapore to look after the longevity and hygiene of your office carpet. Some of the tasks include carpet shampooing, dry carpet and fabric cleaning, extraction cleaning, stain-removal and stain-proofing. We use cleaning supplies that meet performance requirements while ensuring it is does not pose harm to the environment. By loosening the dirt and grime on the carpet fibres, it will also disinfect and deodorise the carpet while restoring the lustre and colour appearance.

Hardfloor Maintenance

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Hardfloors add to the visual aesthetics of your office environment, but they are bound to get dirty and can wear a dull look over a period of time due to the build-up of grime, oil, dirt and grease. We deploy proper cleaning programs and regimes to care for a variety of floor surfaces like wood, marble, granite, ceramic, vinyl and quarry tile. Our highly trained professionals will thoroughly cleanse your floors, remove any stubborn surface pollutants and trapped dirt, and add a protective coating to preserve its sheen and beauty. Proper maintenance can help them to remain in good condition for a long time.