Shopping Mall Cleaning

With a high volume of transient traffic, a shopping mall must be cleaned and maintained frequently. We provide high-efficacy cleaning services for malls, both during the peak period and off-time hours. Our strong team work and coordination ensures your mall is ready to welcome shoppers at all times.

Scope of work

Hi- Jetting

Hi-jetting is ideally suited for removing dirt and grime from a variety of hard surfaces, such as stone, brick, concrete and paving. It is also used for removing the blockages in water systems, such as drains and sewers. We apply advanced power washing methods to clear the accumulated dirt and restore the natural, original shine of your surfaces.

Hi- Dusting

It is generally difficult to clean hard-to-reach spaces, such as ceilings, air vents, ducts, etc. The usual method of using a blower won’t work in these circumstances. The ideal way to remove dust and grime build-up here is to resort to vacuuming, with a little additional soft cleaning afterwards, if required.

Glass Panel Cleaning

Glass surfaces (such as window panes, skylights and external facades) need regular cleaning to keep them looking shiny. Stained windows not only look dirty; they also block light and heat from the outside. At SQ 1 Development, we apply the latest glass panel cleaning techniques to ensure streak-free and spot-free glass panels in every room of your property.

Floor Maintenance

Clean floors look good. They also help in maintaining proper hygiene.

Removing the dirt and dust accumulated on your floor is a meticulous task. We use powerful portable equipment and premium quality materials to restore the sparkle of your floor through systematic cleaning. We have proven programs and regimen for maintaining various floor surfaces like marble, granite, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile and wood. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic look, our work also improves slip resistance.

We undertake marble polishing and hardfloor maintenance too.

Carpet Maintenance

Regular carpet maintenance gives your carpet a uniform, even appearance. It also helps maintain hygiene by removing bacteria and dirt. We ensure optimal results with our carpet maintenance service, which covers dry carpet and fabric cleaning, carpet shampooing, extracting, stain-removal and stain-proofing. This task may be clubbed with cleaning of soft furnishings and upholstery. We use only certified, pet & kid-friendly chemicals.


Landscaping is what visitors prominently notice when they enter your commercial property. SQ 1 Development provides complete landscaping solutions that help you create a lasting impact. Our expertise in outdoor and indoor landscaping helps you to turn plain areas of your estate into lively green spaces.

Scope of work:
  1. Landscape Design
  2. Garden Development & Maintenance
  3. Ancillary Works (Fencing, Railing, Compound Walls, Pathways, etc.)
  4. Indoor Decorative Plant Supply
External Façade

Your building’s facade is the first surface visible to people and visitors. Hence it is imperative to maintain your façade spotless clean. With a clear focus on safety, our specialist team uses the right cleaning materials to clean the glass that makes up your property’s façade. This activity also includes cleaning the aluminium cladding.

Washroom & Hygiene Services

Though the washroom in your property is usually a small space, it has a big impact on the well-being of your employees and visitors. We offer highly professional washroom and hygiene services, ensuring your washroom is squeaky clean and free from germs. Our work also removes malodors, giving the place a fresh look and feel.

Carpark Maintenance

Whether it is a traditional car park or an automated parking facility, SQ 1 Development spares no effort in keeping it clean and smoothly operational. Our scope covers a wide array of activities, including litter cleaning, removing moss and mould, P&D machine maintenance, repairing broken speedbumps, restoring the paintwork on the concrete/metal flooring, among many other tasks.

Pest Control

Get pests off your property! End their nuisance and eliminate health hazards.
SQ 1 Development offers exemplary pest control services by adopting safe techniques. Our proven chemical and biological methods give best results, without causing allergy or irritation. We are experts in the prevention, extermination and eradication of rodents, insects, bed bugs, flies, etc.

Periodic Cleaning

Periodic cleaning is appropriate in cases where everyday cleaning or attendance is not required. For instance, vacuuming air vents or descaling toilets is an activity that is needed only after regular time intervals. As SQ 1 Development, we offer a range of proven periodic cleaning services that help in the upkeep of your property.

Air-conditioner Services

Need quick repairs and effective servicing for your central cooling system? With SQ 1 Development, help is always at hand. Working as your reliable HVAC contractor, we provide a range of professional AC services for your shopping mall. Our certified, qualified service engineers work dedicatedly to improve cooling efficiency and optimize energy cost.