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Boost Your Office Cleaning Efforts With These Handy Tips

For any given business, its employees are one of its most critical assets because they are the ones responsible for achieving its daily goals and long-term milestones. Thus, promoting their satisfaction, morale, and, most importantly, safety will always be in the management’s best interests.

Today, it’s no secret that a clean workplace is a happy workplace. Hence, hiring expert office cleaning services in Singapore is more common than ever. However, to preserve the cleanliness and maximise your upkeeping efforts, here are some simple tips to get you started.

1. ‘Clean As You Go’

Any office is bound to have at least one common area, such as a pantry or lounge area. Office cleaners can tidy up these spaces with no difficulty, but once they’re done, employees can easily make a mess in them again within hours.

Given the nature of shared areas, it’s recommended to establish a ‘Clean As You Go’ policy and encourage workers to be more considerate and mindful of their habits. If everyone follows suit by keeping the shared spaces clean and maintain good personal hygiene practices, these areas will remain tidy for much longer.

2. Enforce proper garbage disposal

In conjunction with the ‘Clean As You Go’ policy, you can encourage your employees to immediately throw their garbage at multiple designated bins. This practice will mitigate the likelihood of them leaving their trash on the pantry area’s tables and any other space in the office, preserving their cleanliness for longer.

3. Impose an eating policy

Another effective strategy for maintaining cleanliness is limiting the places where employees can eat their meals or snacks. By implementing no-snacking zones, large and critical areas within the office won’t suffer from unwanted smells or pests that may result from food crumbs and leftovers.

However, if you prefer to give your employees a bit more freedom, see to it that they pick up after themselves and don’t leave crumbs lying around. Also, try keeping a good air freshener or purifier nearby that can help to keep the air fresh and clean.

4. Hire your preferred office cleaner regularly

While every employee has a role to play in maintaining the office’s cleanliness, there is only so much that can be done without having to sacrifice precious time that could otherwise be spent on work.

However, that can easily be resolved by engaging a reliable office cleaner! On top of following a more consistent cleaning schedule, these specialists are more than equipped to clean the most untidy of workspaces down to the last nook and cranny.


Entrusting your workspace’s cleanliness to a reputable office cleaning company in Singapore is the smartest choice you can make to safeguard your employee’s health. By complementing it with a few additional policies, you can ensure that everyone feels safe to work at their most productive.

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